The 6 Best Star Trek Novels of All-Time

How did it take me this long to write a best Star Trek novels article? Don’t get me wrong, I love things like Warhammer 40 and Star Wars. But Star Trek is my bread and butter. It’s what I grew up adoring and continue to follow closely in adulthood.

So that is why Tome of Nerd felt a little incomplete without at least touching on the work of best Star Trek novels. The list below examines everything out there and tries to identify the best of everything. You will find books from almost every series and also a noteworthy spin-off. These are the best of the best and a great place to dive in for any fan of Star Trek.

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With that, take a look and enjoy!

The 6 Best Star Trek Novels of All-Time

Star Trek: Destiny by David Mack – Amazon

Star Trek: Destiny is an epic Star Trek adventure featuring the crews from The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, and Voyager (with a few others thrown in). The story takes place post-Nemesis and spans the entire galaxy. The Borg have returned. A mysterious new world is discovered. And a long lost starship is found. Starring Picard, Riker, and Ezri, each crew finds themselves solving a different piece of the puzzle.

You will find Destiny on many of the best Star Trek novels lists because it’s the next great chapter after the television/film franchise. The trilogy, now collected together, touches on just about every aspect of the Star Trek universe imaginable. David Mack keeps the pace quick and jumps between the crews with skill. This is a page turner, a mystery, and an action-adventure all rolled into one. If you’re a Star Trek buff and want to start reading the book, this is the place to begin.


A Stitch in Time by Andrew J. Robinson – Amazon

Plain, simple Garak. The fan favorite character returns in the post-DS9 world to reveal his secret origins. As he works to rebuild his home world, he reflects on his history. Some of the biggest Garak mysteries, such as his exile from Cardassia and how he ended up on Deep Space Nine, are revealed in A Stitch in Time.

The biggest selling point of A Stitch in Time is that it was written by Garak himself, Andrew J. Robinson. It’s no cheap cash-in. The novel is expertly written and provides a wonderful addition to Star Trek lore. This is truly a rich character piece that only adds depth to an already strong character. If something like Destiny sounds too intense, A Stitch In Time might be right up your alley. Filled with mystery and intrigue, it’s easily one of the best Star Trek novels published.


Spock’s World by Diane Duane – Amazon

A crisis on the planet Vulcan has led them to request succession from the Federation. Spock must return home, with the crew of the Enterprise, so help solve the problem. As Vulcan history and rituals are revealed, Spock must try to mend the relationship between his two worlds. Can he find a balance within himself and save the Federation?

Spock’s World might sound like a random addition to a best Star Trek novel list, but this TOS-era book is highly regarded and praised. Diane Duane delves deep into Vulcan lore. Half the book is dedicated to the history of Vulcan culture. This provides many different tales to appreciate while keeping you hooked into the main plot. It is a foundational work, to say the least. If you are a fan of Vulcans, Spock, or really any TOS-era stories, Spock’s World is a must read.


Imzadi Forever by Peter David – Amazon

When Deanna Troi dies unexpectedly, Riker sets out on a time-traveling adventure to save her life. Traveling to the past and the future, Riker is at odds with his love for Troi and his duty to Starfleet. Will he be able to save his “beloved” Imzadi?

This is a shockingly good novel. When you think about the Riker and Troi dynamic, you might not necessarily want to read an entire book (or two, as they are now collected) about their history. But Imzadi will prove you wrong. Peter David masterfully crafts a time traveling tale that spans not only the history of Troi and Riker, but many of The Next Generation crew. This is a story of love between two people, but also one of mystery, science fiction, and adventure. It has all the makings of a classic Star Trek tale. The sequel, included in Forever, throws Worf into the mix as well. There is a reason this is considered one of the best Star Trek novels. Check it out.


Q-Squared by Peter David – Amazon

Q returns, but this time he needs Picard’s help. Q-Squared brings together the worlds of TNG and TOS as Trelane hijacks the Q-Continuum. Can the Squire of Gothos be stopped? Captain Picard and the crew of the Enterprise must traverse the multiverse and prevent the destruction of all existence.

If there was a Hall of Fame for Trek novelists, Peter David would be a shoe-in. He does it again in Q-Squared, a story that many consider one of the best Star Trek novels ever. If you love Q, then this book is a must read. But even for those of you who are less keen on Q (heresy!), there is a lot to love. Peter David mixes in various parallel universes, some you know and some that are new, to create a fantastic adventure in the world of Star Trek. This is one of the greats that can’t be missed.


New Frontier by Peter David – Amazon

Star Trek: New Frontier introduces us to Mackenzie Calhoun, captain of the U.S.S. Excalibur. Calhoun was handpicked by Captain Picard himself to command the new vessel to address the collapse of the Thallonian Empire. Joined by some TNG favorites, like Dr. Selar and Lt. Robin Lefler, the crew begins the next great Star Trek adventure.

In New Frontier, Peter David does it again. This time, by creating a true spin-off of the Star Trek series. It is a story set firmly within the Star Trek Universe with a new crew and a new mission. The first four books of the series have been nicely collected as well, so it’s easy to jump right in. If you are a fan of Trek and are looking to expand deeper into it’s universe, then New Frontier is for you.

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