The 7 Best Star Trek Voyager Novels

I recently created a list of the Best Star Trek Novels of All-Time. It seems only appropriate that I now take it a step further and delve deeper into Star Trek canon. We’ll begin with looking at the best Star Trek Voyager novels.

Voyager has perhaps one of the most rabid and dedicated fanbases in Star Trek. In many ways, Voyager picked up the mantle from TNG and continued forward by exploring a strange new world. Now, using the list below, you can continue the adventures of the Voyager crew after the series’ conclusion.

I have listed the books in the order I think they should be read to appreciate them the most. Most of the best Star Trek Voyager novels build off of one another. If you don’t mind catching up, you can skip around a bit, otherwise, you should begin here…

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The 7 Best Star Trek Voyager Novels

Homecoming by Christie Golden – Amazon

Janeway and the crew of the U.S.S. Voyager have finally made it home to Earth. Now they must find their paths and forge new lives on a planet that has moved on without them. But when a new cybernetic virus strikes Earth, creating a new species of Borg, the Voyager crew must try to stop it.

If you want to get into reading the best Star Trek Voyager novels, this is the place to begin. Picking up immediately after the series finale, Homecoming ushers in a new era of Voyager. Christie Golden finds the perfect voice for the crew and expertly crafts their future. It all starts here and leads directly into…



The Farther Shore by Christie Golden – Amazon

With a cybernetic plague ravaging Earth and turning people into Borg, is the return of the U.S.S. Voyager to blame? Janeway must reunite her crew and uncover the cause of the Borg plague and stop it in time to save Earth.

The Farther Shore is a direct sequel to Homecoming and the two are really meant to be read together. This novel continues the events of the first, expanding on the mystery of the Borg plague and the other adventures therein. Christie Golden continues her excellent characterization of the Voyager crew while establishing a new status quo in the post-Voyager world. If you liked Homecoming and want more, this is it.


Destiny by David Mack – Amazon

Star Trek: Destiny is an epic Star Trek adventure featuring the crews from The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, and Voyager (with a few others thrown in). The story takes place post-Nemesis and spans the entire galaxy. The Borg have returned. A mysterious new world is discovered. And a long lost starship is found. Starring Picard, Riker, and Ezri, each crew finds themselves solving a different piece of the puzzle.

I already spoke a bit about Destiny in my 6 Best Star Trek Novels of All-Time list, but it bears repeating here. The Destiny trilogy is an essential story in the Star Trek lore and sets up many future events in the Voyager novels. If you want to know what’s going on in the following Voyager novels or if you just want to read an awesome Star Trek story, this one is for you.


Full Circle by Kirsten Beyer – Amazon

Chakotay and the crew of the U.S.S. Voyager are sent to the planet Kerovi where they will struggle between their duty to Starfleet and saving B’Elanna Torres and her daughter, Miral. With the addition of Admiral Janeway, the crew finds themselves in an ancient mystery that must be solved to save the live’s of the ones they love. And an even greater threat looms that threatens the entire Federation itself.

Full Circle is where the Voyager novels really begin to ramp up. Kirsten Beyer is one of the best Voyager authors out there and this is where she establishes the story going forward. If you want to dive right into the deep end without everything beforehand, this is the place to start. Easily one of the best Star Trek Voyager novels out there and excellent piece of work for any fan.


Unworthy by Kirsten Beyer – Amazon

Voyager returns to the Delta Quadrant! Under orders by Starfleet the crew of the U.S.S. Voyager must return to where they were lost for years to determine whether the Borg threat is finally over. But back on Earth, Seven of Nine is left behind and unable to reconcile her Borg with her humanity. Her only hope of avoiding madness might just be in the Delta Quadrant as well.

Unworthy continues the story Kirsten Beyer began in Full Circle. There are some new faces, but the entire Voyager crew you know and love play important roles in the story. This is a fun novel that will feel like you are watching an episode of Voyager. It’s one of the best Star Trek Voyager novels around and leads right into our next entry.


Children of the Storm by Kirsten Beyer – Amazon

Deep inside the Delta Quadrant, the crew of Voyager face off against the unbelievably powerful Children of the Storm. Why has this force begun attacking Starfleet vessels? And is there anything Voyager and the Federation can do to stop them?

Children of the Storm is the third novel of the relaunch series by Kirsten Beyer. The thing that Beyer does best is make you feel like you are reading about the characters you know and love while also expanding the universe further. It truly feels like a continuation of the television series. There is a reason Beyer’s books are considered the best Star Trek Voyager novels and if you have enjoyed the first three, keep on going!


Mosaic by Jeri Taylor – Amazon

The life and times of Katheryn Janeway. When the crew of Voyager is attacked by the Kazon, we get a glimpse back at Janeway’s history and how she grew into the woman she has become. Plenty of action and intrigue as interweaving plotlines reveal the Janeway’s past and lead Voyager into the future.

This might seem like a random addition, but I felt no best Star Trek Voyager novels list would be complete without it. I placed it last because it can really be read at any point, as it takes place during the television series. Jeri Taylor has crafted an excellent character biography that you didn’t know you wanted. If you are a fan of Janeway (and I imagine you are because you made it this far) than this novel is a must read.


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