The 7 Best Star Trek DS9 Novels

I love Star Trek Deep Space Nine. That probably isn’t a surprise to anyone. I wrote an entire piece dedicated to how to best watch the Dominion War. It seems only obvious that I should also create a list of best Star Trek DS9 novels as well.

The DS9 novels below cover the whole range of stories out there. Some take place during the series and some continue the adventure after. Some are character based and some focus on the Star Trek universe as a whole. There should be a little something for everyone.

So if you are like me and can’t get enough DS9, than this is the list for you. You might also be interested in checking out my other recent articles: The 6 Best Star Trek Novels of All-Time and The 7 Best Star Trek Voyager Novels. With that, please enjoy!

The 7 Best Star Trek DS9 Novels

A Stitch in Time by Andrew J. Robinson – Amazon

Plain, simple Garak. The fan favorite character returns in the post-DS9 world to reveal his secret origins. As he works to rebuild his home world, he reflects on his history. Some of the biggest Garak mysteries, such as his exile from Cardassia and how he ended up on Deep Space Nine, are revealed in A Stitch in Time.

The biggest selling point of A Stitch in Time is that it was written by Garak himself, Andrew J. Robinson. It’s no cheap cash-in. The novel is expertly written and provides a wonderful addition to Star Trek lore. This is truly a rich character piece that only adds depth to an already strong character. If something like Destiny sounds too intense, A Stitch In Time might be right up your alley. Filled with mystery and intrigue, it’s easily one of the best Star Trek DS9 novels published.


Avatar by S. D. Perry – Amazon

After signing a ceasefire with the Federation, the Dominion attack. Now Kira must find a way to prevent another war while also protecting Jake Sisko, the centerpiece of a new Bajoran prophecy. And the rest of the DS9 crew teams up with Captain Picard and the Enterprise to prevent a terrorist attack.

If you want to follow your favorite DS9 characters after the television series conclusion, then this is the place to be. Avatar, consisting of two books, is the beginning of the DS9 “relaunch” and establishes the new status quo. We get to catch-up with some returning favorites and new additions, plus a crossover with The Next Generation crew. What’s not to love? If you are looking for the next chapter, than you should start with one of the best Star Trek DS9 novels. That is Avatar.


The 34th Rule by Armin Shimerman and David R. George III – Amazon

When the Grand Nagus refuses to sell one of the lost Orbs to Bajor, Quark finds himself in the center of the dispute. As Bajor retaliates against all Ferengi, Quark’s life begins to crumble. Now Quark must use all his skills to prevent even further catastrophe.

The 34th Rule was co-created by Quark himself, Armin Shimerman. You might think of the Ferengi as a comedy-bit, but Shimerman and George III delve much deeper into their world. The novel takes a surprisingly serious look at Ferengi culture while also being a commentary on racial prejudice. This is not only considered one of the best Star Trek DS9 novels, but one of the better Star Trek books all around. If you are a fan of Quark, or really any of the great DS9 episodes, you should read The 34th Rule.


Millennium by Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens – Amazon

When Vash returns to the station with one of the mysterious Red Orbs of Jalbador, all hell breaks loose. And deep within DS9, a hidden room holds the secrets to an ancient set of Bajoran gods. Can the crew of DS9 save themselves and the universe itself?

Millennium is an exciting trilogy of novels by Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens. What is great about Reeves-Stevens is their ability to so accurately recreate the DS9 characters in prose. It feels like watching an episode of the series. Not only that, Millennium has everything you would want in a Star Trek novel. Time travel, alternate realities, and your classic Star Trek moral dilemmas. It’s easy to see why Millennium is one of the best Star Trek DS9 novels and it’s one you shouldn’t miss.


Hollow Men by Una McCormack – Amazon

After the events of “In the Pale Moonlight”, Sisko returns to Earth to broker a treaty with the Romulans. But Sisko’s conscience ways heavy on him as he deals with the fallout of his actions. Elsewhere, Garak becomes tangled in a Starfleet political game that could affect the Dominion War itself.

Hollow Men is a fantastic follow-up to one of the best DS9 episodes: “In the Pale Moonlight”. This psychological look at Sisko is enthralling and McCormack captures the essence of all the DS9 characters like an expert. Hollow Men is also a great Garak novel and if you are a fan of his, this can’t be missed. An excellent novel expanding on the best part of the series, Hollow Men is easily one of the best DS9  novels you can read.


The Never-Ending Sacrifice by Una McCormack – Amazon

Rugal, a young Cardassian, returns home after the Dominion War. Now he looks upon his planet, blighted by Klingon and Dominion rule, and must learn to pick up the pieces. But even with the enemies gone, Cardassia is still a dangerous place.

The Never-Ending Sacrifice takes place after the conclusion of the DS9 television series and explores the world of Cardassia. This is such a complex and deep work, acting as an historical history of the Cardassian people. The Cardassians are a complex race and McCormack provides the quintessential backstory and next chapter in their society. It’s hard to overstate how masterfully this is done. Even if you aren’t a huge fan of Cardassians, this is a fantastic work of Star Trek fiction. Easily one of the best Star Trek DS9 novels out there today.


Fallen Heroes by Dafydd ab Hugh – Amazon

DS9 is under attack by a group of alien warriors. Sisko and the crew must repel them before they kill everyone on the station. And a mysterious device from the Gamma Quadrant sends Quark and Odo into the near future and aboard an abandoned DS9. Now they must figure out what happened to the station, prevent it, and find a way home.

Fallen Heroes is a classic DS9 tale. It has a great sci-fi setting, taking place in two different timelines. It has some great Star Trek mystery as well as an abundance of action. And when you really get down to the bones of this novel, it’s just a fantastic Quark/Odo story. If you are missing DS9 and want the feel of a classic episode, then this is the novel for you.

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