Diablo via Blizzard Entertainment

Around the Web: Best of July

Diablo via Blizzard Entertainment
Diablo via Blizzard Entertainment

A brief look around the web at my favorite articles from the past month.

Don’t Tell The Kids, But Bedtime Is A Social Construct via 538 – A look at how we view sleep.

Phil Ivey’s Semi-Bluff via The Ringer – Great history of professional poker player Phil Ivey.

George Romero didn’t just invent the zombie movie, he changed filmmaking forever via A.V. Club – Title says it all. Romero was more than just the zombie guy.

The Oral History of Nickelodeon’s ‘Good Burger’ via Complex – Can I take your order?

20 Years of Diablo: An IGN Retrospective via IGN – A look back at my favorite video game series, Diablo. Everything from the development of the first game through its current incarnation.


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